. What is the process of CG vyapam Dava apatti?

What is the process of CG vyapam Dava apatti?

How to send claim objection to cgvyapam? After issuing model answers for any entrance or recruitment examination, CG Vyapam issues a notification for submission of claim objection (Dawa Apatti) from the candidates. 

The same person who has participated in the relevant examination can submit a claim objection (Dawa Apatti) to the model question and answer of an examination of CGVyapam. 

This claim objection (Dawa Apatti) is filled in a certain format and sent to CG Vyapam's email address. The email address with the claim objection is changed from time to time, so send the documents related to the claim objection to the email address mentioned on the notification of the cgvyapam.

The process of CG vyapam Dava apatti

  • First of all, check the notification of Vyapam in which the guidelines related to claim objection (Dawa Apatti)  have been given.
  • Print the format given in the notification or prepare the same format on white paper and fill the format.
  • Note the mail address given in the notification and open the Gmail / Yahoo app to send claim objections (Dawa Apatti) to the same mail address.
  • Write the name of your exam in the subject of the email. For example, if you are objecting to a claim on a question / answer for the TET20 exam, then write 'TET20' in the email subject.
  • Now upload the claim objection (Dawa Apatti) format filled in the main body and then click on send button.
  • Your claim objection (Dawa Apatti) has been sent to cgvyapam.

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