. What is the conclusion of COVID 19 on education sector?

 What is the conclusion of COVID 19 on education sector?

COVID 19 conclusion on education sector

The corona virus, named Covid 19, has engulfed not only India but the entire world, which has shaken the economic and social status of all countries around the world. At the same time, its huge impact has also been seen in the field of education.

Covid 19 has given birth to new education system under which teachers are teaching their students at home through internet and solving their problems. Even the system of giving examination at home has started. However, due to all these things there is a lack of transparency in the field of education and many doubts start to arise on them.

Benefits of Covid 19 in social life

  • Unnecessary exit from people's homes has been reduced to some extent, so that there is no traffic congestion and traffic jam.
  • Avoiding eating outside things, doing so prevents extra expense.
  • Covid 19 has the most positive impact on nature.
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