. Competitive exam syllabus in Hindi

Competitive exam syllabus in Hindi

Competitive exam syllabus in Hindi: Currently, there is a lot of unemployment problem not only in India but in the whole world. In such circumstances, to get a job one had to work very hard and study. Only by studying can not succeed in competitive examinations, for this, according to the competitive exam syllabus in Hindi, subjects have to be read.

When preparing for the competitive exam according to the competitive exam syllabus in Hindi, the chances of passing it increase. The same syllabus remains in most Competitive examinations. In view of this, the Competitive exam syllabus in Hindi of India is described below.

Competitive exam syllabus in Hindi

  • History
  • Geography
  • Constitution
  • Economics
  • Science
  • environmental Studies
  • Hindi
  • English
  • mathematics
  • reasoning
  • Current affairs

Competitive exam syllabus of History

Sources of Ancient Indian History, Prehistoric Period, Indus Civilization, Vedic Civilization, Rise of Mahajanapadas, Ancient Religion, Mauryan Empire & Morya Period & Morya Dynasty, Gupta Empire & Gupta Period & Gupta Dynasty, Invasion of Arabs on India, English and Mughal Relations , India's freedom struggle and movement, Indian national movement, Congress session, Social Reform Act, Renaissance, rise of Nazism in Germany, causes and consequences of World War I, causes and consequences of World War II, UNO

Competitive exam syllabus of Geography

Oceanic streams, solar system, internal structure of the earth, atmosphere, continent, major crops and producing countries and states, major mineral and producing countries and states of the world, major nations of the world, rivers of India and world, soils of India, of India Rain area, climate, plains and desert.

Competitive exam syllabus of Constitution

Indian Constituent Assembly, Preamble to Indian Constitution, Schedule of Indian Constitution, Merger of Indian princely states into India, Union and its territory,
Fundamental Rights conferred by the Constitution of India, Federal Executive, Contingency Fund of India, Supreme Court of India, High Court of States, Major amendments made in the Constitution.

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